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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Thanks and Moving On

I want to thank you, for your support in reading this blog over the last 2 years. I am not sure that I have made much of an impact but if anything I wrote here was meaningful to just one of my readers, I am forever glad I did it.

I'm moving on to something else but not so much different either. Come join me again if you like.  My first post on the new blog: http://usamultipartycoaltion.blogspot.com/

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Moving Forward: A Coalition Strategy for Winning a Peaceful Revolution

The Democrats and Republicans finished their conventions trying to convince us that they are the party of the middle class and of course they are since we are all middle class, aren’t we?  Now that we know they are on our side economically, they can get on with the much more consequential cultural debates so we can find out which one is going to protect our unborn gay children and which one will protect a woman’s right to choose her child’s sexual orientation.

We will have a president and it is most likely to be Barack Obama. The only question is: how much money will be spent by the GOP to lose the race?  At least that’s about as interesting as corporate media coverage will be.

All kidding aside, Ron Paul libertarians, if they know what’s good for their movement, will vote for Gary Johnson, especially in Red swing states so as to punish the powers which silenced them. They might even get a bit more sophisticated and vote for Obama in Red States so as to humiliate those same powers with a landslide loss.

As it stands, unless Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and their running mates get in the debates, we can expect popular vote results along these lines:

Obama: 48%                                                                                                                                                              Romney: 46%                                                                                                                                                             Johnson:  4%                                                                                                                                                                      Stein: 1%                                                                                                                                                                    Others:1%

If the debates are inclusive of the Green and Libertarian candidates, we could see something like this:

Obama: 44%                                                                                                                                                       Romney: 39%                                                                                                                                                       Johnson: 10%                                                                                                                                                                Stein: 5%                                                                                                                                                                        Others: 2%

Obviously the latter results would send the strongest signal to both parties that their corporatism is no longer invulnerable. This message gets even louder if Johnson can win Nevada and/or New Mexico and Stein can win Vermont.

Something more like the former results are more likely since libertarians and progressives are not organized enough to get their candidates in the debates.

If libertarians and progressives decide to continue going their separate ways next time, they might share as much as 20% of the popular vote and if they come to their senses and do what I continue to advocate, go full blown fusion coalition, they will get not less than 29%, and if they come to their senses before the midterm and execute a congressional coalition strategy of crossover voting and mutual endorsements, they stand a real chance of slaying the two headed corporate beast in 2016.

Of course there is a chance that the GOP comes to its senses and puts Rand Paul on the ticket in 2016. You can be certain that any libertarian on that ticket will be VP, not P. More likely the GOP will go with something more traditional like Huckabee/Martinez in 2016 and that kind of ticket could win enough women and Latinos to get them in the White House through 2024. Progressives cannot expect to gain any more ground without a coalition partner, and by 2024, we will probably all be corporatists.

Let’s imagine for a second that libertarians and progressives come to their senses on November 7. What are the tactics for creating a coalition revolution in 2016?

First, create a platform consisting of civil liberties, constitutional rights, non interventionist foreign policy, bold reductions in militaristic and false security spending, domestic reductions through cabinet consolidation, and creative compromises on economic policies. The last will be the most difficult and therefore the most important.

The components of these creative economic policy compromises are: 1.) Splitting 50/50 all gains from budget reductions and revenue increases between debt reduction and population based block grants to states and/or local governments. 2.) Setting a goal of shifting in 8 years time not less $4 trillion and not more than $10 trillion out of Washington through debt reductions and block grants. 3.) A gradual shifting of funding sources for block grants from federal toward state and local levels through diminishing federal matching funds. 4.) Moving monetary authority from the Fed to congress. 5.) Increased allowance for liberalized legal tender laws which make room for greater competitive and complementary currencies in the consumer market place.

Second, with this platform in place use it to find, endorse and promote Senate and House candidates who agree with it, and in doing so avoid pitting libertarian and progressive candidates against one another.

Third, aim to get 40 coalition Senators and 174 coalition Representatives in 2014 and 60/218 in 2016.

Fourth, focus on open and vulnerable seats in 2014 and contest or reaffirm at least 80% of all congressional seats in 2016.

Fifth, bring together coalition convention sponsored by the GP and the LP and any other interested citizen groups, which meets to endorse a coalition presidential ticket. This convention should be held the weekend after the Democrats and Republicans have their shows. If holding it that late prevents the ticket from being on the ballot in all 50 states hold it in between or before the corporate duopoly conventions.

Sixth, support through crossover voting and mutual endorsements libertarian candidates in red states and districts, and progressive candidates in blue states and districts.

Seventh, run 2 presidential candidates inside the corporate parties and 2 outside the corporate parties.  When the corporate parties reject our candidates, have them endorse the 2 outside candidates as a coalition ticket nominated by a fusion coalition convention.

These 7 tactics must be agreed to and activated by a coalition of libertarians and progressives if we are ever going to stand a real chance of overthrowing the corporate junta. Righteous dreams, by one or both of these ideological rivals, of total victory and unconditional surrender will result in failure, probably irrevocable and potentially catastrophic.

There is no time to waste attempting to convert one another or to sweet talk one into political favors for the other. Beyond this coalition there will be plenty of time for bickering and jousting for political control. Without this coalition, watch for corporate power continued indefinitely and populist politics of all sorts dead for another century.

Once again, I sound my unamplified hue: libertarians and progressives unite; you have nothing to lose but your corporate chains.

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Petition Must Go Viral Now


This one has been created  by 2 Gary Johnson and 2 Jill Stein supporters. It's got over 1500 signers in 24 hours. Let's make the duopoly have to take this seriously.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What's Left to Do Mr. Machiavella?

Some of this may sound like a Hail Mary but what more is there to lose? Here’s what’s left to do:

1.) Ron Paul delegates walk out of Republican convention and join Paul supporters in a peaceful human blockade of Tampa convention center when Ron Paul’s name is not placed in nomination.

2.) Get Anderson, Nader, Kucinich and Alexander to endorse Stein, and Goode, Paul and Roemer to endorse Johnson.

3.) Get Gary Johnson and Jill Stein in the debates.

4.) Focus on New Mexico, Nevada and Vermont and leaning states: Johnson on those leaning Romney; Stein on those leaning Obama.

5.) Secure two states: New Mexico for Johnson and Vermont for Stein. Stein endorses Johnson in NM and Johnson endorses Stein in Vermont with prominent progressives and libertarians joining in.

6.) Leave toss up states alone and back off leaning states if money pours into Stein’s campaign from Romney sources. If not, Stein endorses Johnson in toss up states and backs off Obama leaning states.

7.) Get Bernie Sanders to negotiate in the Senate if there is a 50/50 split.

8.) If GOP retains the House, Romney is in. Put Biden in as VP unless Defense, Treasury, State and 3 other cabinet posts are secured.

9.) If Democrats take the House, Obama is back in. Bernie Sanders threatens to put Ryan in VP slot if same cabinet spots are not secured.

10.) A coalition of libertarian Republicans, progressive Democrats and opportunists from both parties who realize which way the wind is blowing take over congress and together with our people in the cabinet end the imperial presidency and replace empire building and maintenance, the military industrial catastrophe and all its crony corporate cousins with debt reduction and block grants to the states for building the peaceful green economy.

Friday, August 3, 2012

I Beg You...

Barring some unforeseen miracle, the purpose of this blog will not be successful. Ron Paul will not be president. He will not be the Republican nominee. He will not run as an independent or a third party candidate. There will not be a coalition candidacy of any kind.

On the other hand, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will be the two major candidates for president. We will here much ado about nothing in the debates. Cultural issues will be stressed when we face a catastrophic economic crisis. The media will do nothing to hold the candidates accountable. We will have a president in 2013 who cuts spending on the most vulnerable and continues to increase defense spending. That same president will lower the top marginal rates and do so while supposedly closing loopholes. This "reform" will be backed by a bipartisan super majority.

Wars will wind down in Iraq and Afghanistan while drone strikes will increase in several countries. Brinksmanship with Iran and North Korea will continue to justify a glutenous military and security budget with greater personal and social intrusiveness. Unemployment will gradually fall until it settles a tad south of 7% late in 2015. We will all then be reminded that we cannot have full employment without bubbles unless, of course, we want to do away with the minimum wage.

Neither progressives nor libertarians can feel much satisfaction in a war stimulus but that is essentially what we will get over the next four years with either Obama or Romney. If you want America to have a choice, it's too late for a viable one but it is not too late to get truly progressive and truly libertarian views a fair hearing. Eli Beckerman has started a very well  constructed petition that needs 250K signatures. This petition seeks to get the only other candidates who have qualified to be on enough state ballots to have a mathematical chance of winning this election: Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.

I ask all who read this to please sign this petition because we need to hear something different. We need America to know that we do not have to continue down this road of corporatism and militarism. At his point I am not ready to endorse either of these candidates. I wish I could endorse the two of them on the same ticket but it's too late for that to happen.

Please sign this petition and urge your friends to do the same!

Update: Marnie Glickman and Adam Gibson have both signed Eli Beckerman's petition.

Friday, July 27, 2012

At this time...

this may be the only constructive thing left to do. I highly recommend each and all give serious consideration to signing this petition:

Friday, June 22, 2012

If We Are Ever Going To Win, This Win-Win Deal Must Be Done

Since corporate rule will be with us for another 4 years, let me try one last time to tell whoever might be listening exactly what needs to be done to bring down the beast.

First, well meaning progressives and libertarians need to purge the thought that just because they are right on so many important issues does not mean that America will one day wake up and see the light. Libertarians  and progressives, as disgusted as we may be with one another, have to form a temporary alliance of at least 4 years and maybe as much as 8 to make sure the two headed corporate beast is dead and unable to rise again. After that job is done then we can beat the hell out of one another if that is what we feel like doing.

This alliance has not and will not come together based on current commonalities on important issues like non-interventionism in foreign policy,  civil liberties, corporate welfare, military spending. As significant as these issues are, this intersection of interests has been around for the last hundred years and not once have we formed any alliance beyond a few votes in congress.

Why the persistent divide? Obviously, it's economic issues. We progressives think that in these economic circumstances what we need is increased spending on domestic programs, especially, education, green energy and infrastructure, universal single payer health care, basic research and development. Pay for this by raising taxes on the wealthy and making massive cuts in unnecessary and counterproductive spending on the military industrial catastrophe and its numerous corporate cousins.

Libertarians on the other hand want massive reductions in military, foreign and domestic budgets along with gutting of most regulations in all sectors of the economy all to pay for massive tax reductions for all Americans, especially those who are most productive, the rich.

We could yell and scream at each other for how stupid the other is and let the beast continue to run wild. We could each sit back and say to ourselves, truth is on our side and truth will prevail while corporate media continues to lie, lie, lie. We could smugly plant our proud posteriors in pedantic think tanks while the powers that be laugh all the way to the banks they already own. We could even make another blog to shout into the wind.

We could do all this and more and let the earth go to hell for not finally seeing the light which is in us, to us and through us.

Or we could take a different tact.

We could come to grips with political reality that we are, as always, politically marginalized. We do not have the numbers separately to take down this beast. The beast will only be taken down by a coalition and while we would love to convert those cultural conservatives, it ain't happening. We have to either stand together or die separately. There is a massive military stimulus on the way and it will put desperate Americans back to work, making both of us irrelevant unless we face this political reality by joining forces in an uncomfortable coalition.

But that coalition gets formed only when we can make our way to a creative compromise on economic issues. (For those who are so damned ethical that you could never compromise without compromising principles, see my post on the difference between principles and ideals.)

Here's the way to make the economic compromise that moves both agendas forward simultaneously while decapitating both beastly heads of America Inc.:

First, acknowledge neither of us can get all we want for Christmas but we could get a few very important things we need. We can get significant cuts in the amount of taxes the vast majority of Americans are currently paying while cutting the size, power and budget of the federal government. We can also get a massive investment by the public sector to build the peaceful green economy of high speed rail, wind, solar, geothermal and other clean and renewable energies, etc. We can put tens of millions of people back to work rebuilding America's roads, bridges, tunnels, levies, ports, canals, runways, power grid, schools, etc.

How? How can we reduce overall federal spending and taxes for most people while creating massive public sector investment in jobs building a new peaceful green economy? First the budget cuts: 500 to 700 billion in cuts from overseas military spending and foreign aid (yes most progressives understand  that much foreign aid is spent propping up dictators and murderous thugs), military contracts on weapons systems we dare not ever use, ridiculous homeland insecurity projects, endless and stupid drug wars, corporate welfare, etc.

Then we can knock another 100-200 billion off of domestic budgets for needless bureaucracies by consolidating major departments and putting these more powerful but less funded departments into the hands of some real progressives. For example, let's make Robert Kennedy Jr. the head of the new department of Energy and Natural Resources which combines the EPA, Interior, Energy, Agriculture and Transportation into one department. We might even be able to work out a deal with state and local governments and private businesses to sell off the Interstate Highway System and use the funds to build a truly high speed interstate rail system.

So far we have 600 to 900 billion in cuts. Next let's look at revenue. Let's really reform the tax code and significantly reduce the tax burden on at least 90% of the population while raising the tax burden on less than 3% of the population. Here are two big ideas, one my own, on how we reduce the IRS to a small number of auditors working for Treasury. We start with 3 income tax brackets of 10, 20 and 30 percent with greatly increased standard deductions, basic exemptions and child tax credits. We add to those brackets an annual consumption tax of 10% on spending above a million dollars.

Gradually we shift to a steeply progressive consumption tax with a significantly high exemption on spending (enough to cover all necessary spending on the basics and satisfy all the voluntarists among the Randians). In addition we legalize prostitution, pot and several other social vices and impose a serious sin tax on them. We also increase taxes on imports from lands where the government oppresses its people and destroys the environment. In other words, we normalize relations with Iran and Cuba and tax them the way we ought to tax the Chinese. We permanently reduce payroll taxes by  raising or eliminating the cap and slowly over a long time period raising the retirement age.

We could go on about several ways to reform how, what, who and how much we tax. The point is we could unburden Americans of great tax burdens while significantly raising revenues if we just get out of our very tight boxes long enough to think creatively. In doing so we could raise 100-300 billion in annual revenues.

That's a total of 700-1200 billion a year in savings and revenue increases without taking into account what we do with this savings which serves to grow the economy and multiply revenue gains.

Second, we take these revenues and savings and we split them in half. Use one half to pay down debt (that is  don't spend it all  or use it to pay down debt faster). Use the other half to fund block grants to the states based solely on each state's population. Let the states do what they want to with the grants as long as they publicly account for how every penny is allocated. This starts a contest to prove that Texas is smarter than California just as libertarians are smarter than progressives.

Of course those brave and brilliant libertarians out there will object by saying, "Well why don't we just not tax them rather than sending the money up before it comes back down?" I know we progressives are way too paranoid about wealthy people keeping their money.  Let's make a sub deal on this deal. We go up to come down for 3 years and then we phase out federal funding over the next five years through diminishing matching funds.

In other words, placate our progressive insecurities for a few years so you can have your infallible free market utopia for the next millennium since we all know that once rich people get to keep at least 90% over everything they earn, invest or inherit, working people will be fully employed in good paying and long lasting, high benefits jobs.

Third, and this is a little redundant, promise and deliver a real coalition government starting with a libertarian/ progressive or progressive/libertarian presidential ticket. No deal is going to be trusted if it's: "Join with me and do it my way since some of your way is already my way and you shouldn't mind getting 60% while I get 100% of what I want." Maybe it's a Sanders/Johnson ticket next time or Paul/Ellison. Either way trusted persons can be trusted to keep the covenant. Let a libertarian have Treasury. And let's not just audit or even abolish the Fed. Let's replace it by putting its powers back in the hands of the congress where the Constitution says it belongs.

Let's consolidate several domestic departments and reduce the total budgets of those departments by 20 to 30% over 4 years but reassure us loser leftists by putting real progressives in charge. That way you can watch us fall flat on our faces and the American people decide to devolve all of that authority back to the states and private sector.

For neither side is this deal ideal. However, it is a better deal than you can expect from either Obama 2 or Romney 1. I know you would get  a better deal with Johnson and the Judge or the Eye Doctor and Amash. Just like we are going to get a much better deal when Dennis and VP Bernie begin their rule with open hands.

For goodness sake, stop this fantasy or at least put the pause button on! You are not getting the deal you salivate for until we together first kill the beast. If we are ever going to wake the rest of America up, we must first set the alarm for ourselves.